Healthy nutrition and alkaline body care


More than just a breakfast!

Give your day a healthy start with MorgenStund’, the millet and buckwheat porridge with fruit and seeds.

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AlkaLife fruity and aromatic

Nature’s garden in a spoonful

Based on the former well-proven recipe, AlkaLife fruity and AlkaLife aromatic sensibly combine 100 carefully selected plants into two ingenious and valuable blends.

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AlkaBath® alkaline mineral bath salts

For smooth and silky skin!

Experience well circulated skin that is soft and silky to the touch and a noticeably improved overall sense of well being as the result of alkaline body care.

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7x7 AlkaHerb

The power of herbs, a gift of nature!

Take advantage of the 7x7 AlkaHerb as a natural cleanser. In doing so, you can easily flush out weariness and burdens, while awaking your vital inner spirit.

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